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Welcome to

This is where you will find information pertaining to commands and contacts if stuff goes wrong.

You can also find some other fun information such as our lore and rules.

See our sidebar for a list of what we feel is important reading material.

Getting Started

First step is to join, but we will assume you've joined already.

If you haven't go to in Minecraft.

Next step, explore Brasseogana a little bit, thats the spawn town. Once you are done with that. Leave!

To leave faster do /warps, and pick one to get far away from the spawn.

Now it's time for fun, you start with $500 and it costs $250 to found a town and $25 to claim a plot.

You can either just pick a spot and start building in the wilderness, or found a town start and claim plots.

Get other people on! Towny is more fun with residents, and your friends are your best slaves residents and workers. Make sure to check the town rules, they are there to make sure you don't bully any players and what not.

From there, have fun!

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