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 +====== Brasseogana ======
 +Brasseogana is the town every player spawns in, and the town that staff is resident to. It is not technically incorporated as a town, but has an account and collects money from player actions. Brasseogana is the capital city of all other cities. It does not participate in wars, and does not collect taxes from staff. No one can build in the city except the staff, but even they are restricted.
 +It contains the Brasseogana Hold, the home to the Super Admins. It also contains a few shops, a tavern, and homes for rent. The plots is Brasseogana are reserved for the admins and moderators to build homes in. If you would like to rent a home in Brasseogana contact <​>​. Rent cost is to be negotiated.
 +To the south is Brasseogana Bay, a source of food for the locals.
 +To the far south, far east, and far north are the Brasseoganian Outposts. They are currently open to players to use to teleport to the far reaches of the world.
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