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General Rules

This section applies to all players.

This section will include topics such as:

  • Chat
  • Greifing and stealing
  • Traps and Trespassing
  • Player vs. Player (PVP)
  • Other rules

Chat Rules

  • English only in the chat

This server is intended for english speaking players, and is hosted in New York. As such, english only for the public chats. Town chats, PMs, and other non public forms of messaging are allowed to be non-english.

  • No Begging

This is pretty easy to understand. Don't beg. Period. Not for money, items, ranks, towns, etc. It's okay to ask your town members and friends for items and help, but don't ask an admin or mod. They won't give you anything other then rule enforcement.

  • Respect Others

This includes name-calling and swearing. We won't censor general swearing but using it to demean or harm another player it's not okay.

  • Keep out real world politics

We don't care to hear about your politics and we aren't going to let you talk about it. In-game politics are allowed.

  • Don't Spam

It's annoying. It ruins other's experience. It results in muting. Don't get muted, it is not fun. FYI spamming includes excessively using capitals. Word emphasis = OKAY. SENTENCE EMPHASIS = NOT OKAY

  • Don't Advertise

If you have something to sell on the server, that's fine! Sell sell sell! If you want someone to leave the server or are talking about another one, that's not okay.


  1. Warning from staff
  2. Mute, 5 minutes
  3. Mute, until appeal

Greifing and Stealing

We don't want to break this down like we would for a child, so here it goes. If it isn't yours and you don't have permission, do not touch it.

  • Before building or destroying in the wild, check for any towns nearby.
  • Before taking from a chest, ask yourself “Am I supposed to take from here.”
  • Before destroying someones place, say to yourself “How would that person feel?”

Note: War changes rules. See War page for details


  1. Warning from staff
  2. Jail, time at staff discretion
  3. Kick
  4. Temporary Ban, time at staff discretion
  5. Ban

Traps and Trespassing

  • Traps may not be used or activated during peace time.

Traps are defined as follows:

  • Any redstone device that, once activated, is designed to harm a player
  • A town spawn that does not allow for safe entry and exiting
  • Large holes placed to cause players to fall
  • Anything else that staff determines is a trap.
  • Trespassing is prohibited. In order to be found as trespassing the property must be within town borders, or marked as Private Property with a username below on a sign. Properties marked as private within a town does not restrict mayor or agents of the mayor from entering.
  • To be considered in violation of this rule, the offending player must have been asked by the owner 2 times to leave, and the owner must have given a fair chance to the offender to do so.

Note: War changes rules. See War page for details


  1. Warning from staff
  2. Jail, time at staff discretion
  3. Kick
  4. Temporary Ban, time at staff discretion
  5. Ban

Player vs. Player (PVP)

Player vs Player is herein to be called PVP.

  • Unprovoked attacks in wilderness are allowed.
  • Unprovoked repeated attacks are not allowed.
  • Attacks in towns are not allowed, and town-wide PVP is not allowed.
  • Fighting in PVP areas in a town is okay, but all PVP areas within a town must be clearly marked at all entrances.
  • If a PVP space is open (no walls/doors or other organized means of entrance) it must have a sign marking the area on each side, with at least one sign every 10 (ten) blocks.

In general, if you kill someone unprovoked one times, fine good job you got them. If you are targeting a certain player that is not okay.

  • Arenas may be created in towns, the rules for such are decided by the town and will not be enforced by staff.

Note: War changes rules. See War page for details

Other Rules

  • Hacking, cheating, and exploiting game mechanics are not allowed
  • Devices that intentionally or unintentionally lag the server are not allowed
  • Scamming is not allowed
  • Inappropriate builds are not allowed

Punishments are at staff discretion

At the end of the day, staff hold the power to make rule adjustments on the fly. If you disagree with a staff member, see the appeals section.

Rules for towns

This section applies to towns with more than 5 people.

This section will include topics such as:

  • Town Rules
  • Town Taxes
  • Town Creation and Expansion
  • Kicking residents
  • Other Rules

Town Rules

  • Each town must have rules defined and such rules must be visible from the town spawn.
  • Towns enforce punishments and rules
  • Each town must have proof of rule violations that can be submitted to on request.
  • Towns must publish rules on town message board

Town Taxes

  • Towns may charge taxes to residents, but they must visible from the rule board
  • Towns may change taxes, but require a 7 day notice, posted wherever rules are posted.
  • Towns may charge different taxes for different plots, but must show the taxes on the rule board.
  • Towns must publish all taxes and tax changes on the town message board.

Kicking residents

  • Residents may be kicked after a vote is taken by the town, then a 3 day notice must be given to resident, when they are online.

Votes required for kicking residents must have 3/4 of all town members online and voting. Proof of vote, membership count and vote results shall be sent to upon request.

  • Residents may be kicked for inactivity without warning after 2 weeks (14 days) since last login.
  • Residents may be kicked if they are temporarily or permanently banned
  • Residents may be kicked for violating town rules, as defined above.

Creation and Expansion

  • Anyone can create a town
  • Towns left vacant, empty or otherwise untouched will be reclaimed by nature after 2 months (60 days)
  • Towns may not claim a plot within 3 plots of another town without consent. Consent must be sent to upon request.
  • Towns may not surround another town on more than 2 (two) sides.
  • Towns may not create structures that intentionally devalue or demoralize another town.

Punishments for towns can include fines, disbandment, jailing, etc at staff discretion

Questions about rules

  • Questions on interpretation can be directed to
  • Suggestions for improving rules can also be directed to the admin.


  • Appeals on punishments only apply to server wide rules.
  • Appeals must include username, reply email, reason for punishment and proof or explanation of why the rule was not broken or why the rule is unjust.

Appeals must be sent to


  • The Super Admins [OP] make the final decisions, but we aren't here to exploit you. We are only around to create a fun engaging environment for everyone.
  • We are not trying to restrict you with rules, but to encourage problem solving and teamwork dynamics.
  • Do not try to get around the rules. Follow the spirit of the rules, not to the letter.
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