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-/town new {town name} +/town 
- +  Shows a player their town’s town screen. 
-Found a town +  ? – Shows /town commands available. 
- +  {town} – Shows a player another town’s town screen. 
-/town add {player+  here – Shows you the town screen of the town in which you stand. 
- +  leave – Leaves a town. 
-Invite ​a player +  list {page #} – Lists towns. 
- +  online – Shows players in your town which are online. 
-/town help +  plots {townname} – Shows a helpful list of plots and their types/​revenue which are owned by the town. 
- +  ​new {townname} – Creates a new town
-View all town commands +  add {resident} .. {resident} – Mayor command to add residents to your town. 
- +  kick {resident} .. {resident} – Mayor command to remove residents from your town. 
-<WRAP center round todo 60%> +  spawn – Teleports you to your town’s spawn. 
-write town help +  spawn {town} – Teleports you to another town’s spawn. 
-</WRAP>+  claim – Mayor command to claim the townblock in which you stand for your town. 
 +    outpost <#|{name}|{name:#} - Claims an outpost for your town. {name} uses the plot name. {name:#} is used when a plot name begins with a number. 
 +    {# (radius around current position)} – Claims an area of townblocks around you for your town. 
 +    auto – Claims as many townblocks around you as is possible given money in townbank and available townblocks. 
 +  unclaim – Mayor command to unclaim the townblock in which you stand. 
 +    all – Mayor command to unclaim all townblocks. 
 +    {# (radius around current position)} – Command to unclaim an area of townblocks around you. 
 +  withdraw {$} – Removes money from town bank. 
 +  deposit {$} – Adds money from player to the town bank. 
 +  buy 
 +  bonus {amount} – Buys available bonus townblocks. 
 +  delete {town name} – Admin/Mayor command to delete ​a town from towny’s data folder’s files. 
 +  ​outlawlist {town} – Displays a list of outlaws for a town. 
 +  ​outlaw {add/remove} {name} – Adds or removes an outlaw from a town’s outlaw list 
 +  outpost 
 +    {# (where # equals the corresponding outpost’s number)} – Teleports to an outpost. 
 +    {list} – lists your town’s outposts. 
 +  ranklist – Displays residents and their ranks. 
 +  rank {add|remove} ​{playername{rankname} – Grants or removes a rank to a resident of the town. 
 +  ​reslist {townname} – See a FULL list of all residents in a town. 
 +  say {msg} – Broadcast ​message to online town members. 
 +  set 
 +    board {message} – Sets message seen by residents upon logging in. 
 +    mayor {resident} – Mayor command to give mayor status to another resident. 
 +    homeblock – Sets the homeblock and spawn of your town. 
 +    spawn – Sets the town spawn, must be done inside the homeblock. 
 +    spawncost – Set the cost of spawning to a public town. Doesn’t affect town residents, nation members and nation-allies. 
 +    name {name} – Change your town’s name. 
 +    outpost – Resets the outpost’s spawn point to the player ​location. Must be used in an existing outpost plot. 
 +    jail – Resets a jail plot’s spawn to current position within a jail plot. 
 +    ​perm 
 +      {on/off} – Edits the perm line on the town screen. 
 +    ​{resident/​ally/​outsider} {on/off} 
 +    ​{build/​destroy/​switch/​itemuse} {on/off} 
 +    {resident/​ally/​outsider} {build/​destroy/​switch/​itemuse} {on/off} 
 +    reset – This takes the perm line seen in the /town screen and applies it to all plots owned by the town. 
 +  tag {upto4character} – Sets the town’s tag, which is sometimes used on that chat line. 
 +  clear – Clears the tag set for the town. 
 +  taxes {$} – Sets taxes collected from each resident daily. Also sets percentage if taxpercent is toggled on. 
 +  plottax {$} – Set taxes collected from each resident daily, per plot that they own. 
 +  plotprice {$} – Sets default cost of plot for the town. 
 +  ​shopprice {$} – Sets default cost of a shopplot for the town. 
 +  shoptax {$} – Set taxes collected from each resident daily, per shopplot that they own. 
 +  embassyprice {$} – Sets default cost of a embassy plot for the town. 
 +  embassytax {$} – Set taxes collected from each resident daily, per embassy plot that they own. 
 +  toggle 
 +  explosion – Turn on/off explosions in town. 
 +  fire – Turn on/off firespread in town. 
 +  mobs – Turn on/off hostile mobspawning in town. 
 +  public – Turn on/off public /town spawning and the co-ordinates of the town’s homeblock in the /town screen. 
 +  pvp – Turn on/off pvp in town. 
 +  taxpercent – Turn on/off taxing by percent/​flatrate. 
 +  open – Turn on/off public joining to your town. 
 +  jail {number} {residentname} – Sends a resident of your town to the jail spawn number specified. Same command unjails a player.
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